First and foremost, Exxtreme Labs is a market leading supplement company. Focusing on innovating and delivering products that change the way we view nutrition and diet. Created by Cameron Samuel.

Everyone has a unique journey with their body, but there comes a moment when you need to decide. You may have chores to do, revision to complete, errands to run. Regardless of your demands and lifestyle, your goals don’t go away. Maybe your goals are completing a marathon, scoring higher on an exam or even shedding some pounds. Those moments, those decisions, they’re yours to own.. with our help make it possible.

Exxtreme Labs will help you rise up to the challenge, destroying all indecision, giving you the physical tools to unleash your best self.

We Deliver The Most Effective, Highest-Quality & Best Tasting Products

Cameron Samuel

What Does Exxtreme Labs Do?

Exxtreme’s mission has been to enhance what humans thinks is physically possible, supporting personal journeys as the result. We are dedicated to becoming the most formidable supplement company, known for the results our products bring and the lives that they change.

We manufacture various health products targeting all aspects of your body and mind. Working with some of the greatest minds in consumer science, our ingredients are naturally sourced and clinically tested in multiple rounds of analysis. Unlike most other supplement companies, Exxtreme takes pride in the effectiveness of our products. All created without the use of food dyes, toxic additives and artificial sweeteners. All of our scientific research and supporting studies are testimonies to how our products enhance your body in a natural and sustainable manner.

At Exxtreme Labs, we see a future full of possibility, where the human body is capable of more than we thought possible. We are constantly working to create solutions that go beyond building muscle and strength. We do this by innovating relentlessly to develop products that fulfill unmet needs of consumers across the world. We invest in the discovery and further development of new compounds that are known to help people feel energized, stronger and more focused, wether you are an elite athlete or regular consumer.

Exxtreme is proud to support the community and protect the global environment. Our global impact is felt within the health sector and far beyond.

Why Exxtreme Labs Sells Natural?

There is no shortage of low-quality health products in today’s age, backed by toxic ingredients and ridiculous claims. These claims are often detrimental to the health of consumers, which should not be tolerated. This is why Exxtreme Labs was developed.

Living well begins with eating well, so ingredients and manufacturing the highest-quality formulas are our top priorities. Our standards make it easy to know what is high-quality or not, because if it is not the best quality then we won’t sell it.



Many students use central nervous system stimulants such as Adderall to enhance their memory and focus. Whilst many people say these products work, their long-lasting impact is extremely potent and damaging. The effects of these unlicensed drugs can lead to addiction and have little research carried out before production.

At Exxtreme Labs we look to solve this problem, where students, athletes and everyone in-between can enhance their cognitive capabilities without impacting their long-term health. Optimum Brain also boost brain power and gives a boost of energy.

Protein Supplements

Scientific research shows that many whey protein supplements have unsafe chemicals in them, which can increase the consumers risk to kidney problems. The long-term effects of many protein supplements is still unknown. To combat this issue, Exxtreme Labs has researched and carried out clinical testing to observe the long-term side effects of these proteins. After 10 years of observing, daily use of our products yield zero side effects.

Not only kidney problems, many supplement companies include excessive amounts of sugar into the protein to boost energy. This sugar can lead to unhealthy weight gain and spikes in blood sugar.

Fat Burners

When losing weight the trick is to exercise and consume more protein than usual. Everyone knows just how difficult it is to lose weight, after months of exercise and dieting you may find you’ve only shed mere pounds. Exxtreme Labs has designed a collection of “fat burning” products under the collective of Summer Body. These products contain natural weight-loss catalysis, such as plant protein and contain fiber. The Summer Body products also contain natural extracts that we have fine-tuned in our production-process to ensure maximum weight loss whilst maintaining a healthy weight/height ratio.

Losing weight too quickly can result in muscle-loss, gallstones and severe nutritional deficiency which results in a slower metabolism. Many people attempt to lose weight using a “crash diet” or by eating fewer than 800 calories in a day. This type of weight loss can result in bloating and health issues.

Our products allow consumers to lose weight while remaining healthy, this means you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition and eating tasty-food to lose weight. Summer Body also flushes out toxins that build up after eating saturated and processed foods. All of these factors that Optimum Brain exhibits make it reduce symptoms of depression.

How Does Exxtreme Labs Sell Natural?

Our premium protein products have their ingredients sourced from USA farms that ensure the highest quality produce goes into each jar. Our nootropic products such as “Optimum Brain” are made using natural ingredients that are also sourced from the USA. By sourcing our ingredients by reputable farms, we can ensure 100% safety when using our products.

Our weight loss/metabolism products are made using natural ingredients and are free from artificial flavors, preservatives and harmful chemicals. Feel confident burning fat with our “Summer Body” range of supplements.

Our Products

Our products include “Ultimate Core” pre-workout, “Premium Protein” whey, “Summer Body” fat burner and “Optimum Brain” nootropic. These products are market leaders in their respective niches, focusing on results while maintaining the highest quality of ingredients and ethical responsibility.

Benefits To Buying With Us

Buying with Exxtreme Labs is beneficial to the global environment and your body alike. Our products are developed with your health and happiness at the forefront of our minds.

Transparent Ingredients

Unlike most other supplement companies, Exxtreme Labs refuses to use products from unlicensed factories across the other side of the world. All of our ingredients come sourced directly from our USA farms and our formulas are perfected by our very own team of dedicated scientists in the USA and UK. We can guarantee 100% safety with our products, as we believe your health is our greatest concern.

Our products are trusted by elite athletes in all fields. We create products with this in mind, so our formulas can be used during competition sports without the fear of testing positive for banned substances.

Everyone can benefit from higher-quality health supplements and nutrition, with our products at the forefront of healthy-living everyone can enjoy our products. Our products are easy to consume, with our fat-burners requiring only water to make it easier to swallow. Our nootropics can be consumed on their own or with water. The range of pre-workout and protein products require minimal liquid but need to be diluted, as the same with every health supplement.


Our manufacturing process is environmentally responsible, with the farms that produce our ingredients ensuring renewable energy when possible. Our packaging is made using recycled materials which allows us to refrain from making more plastics and using excessive paper for boxing.

Our packaging is made using a limited amount of plastic as we compact our formulas into suitable-sized packaging. We also use compostable plastics when possible.

We also give back to charity with every purchase.


Just because we have the highest-quality pre-workout doesn’t mean that our prices have to be high. We have some of the cheapest pre-workout and weight loss products on the market. Our products are affordable for all consumers, wether you are a sponsored athlete or a passive jogger, we believe that everyone deserves to enhance their physical state in a healthy and natural way.


Since our establishment in 2016, we have sold to thousands of customers worldwide and helped them achieve their goals. Wether it being to lose weight, gain muscle or optimize their brain. You can read our reviews on Trustpilot.