The question that most gym-goers have when lifting weights is “will doing cardio kill the gains that I have maid through weight lifting”. This question is typically asked by people who are trying to develop muscle size and strength. In this tip-file, we are looking at wether cardio does indeed kill gains and find out what to do if you find your muscle development is not satisfying for you.

Why Would Cardio Impact Muscle Development?

cardio kill gains
cardio kill gains

To build muscle your body needs to be in a caloric surplus, which means that your nutritional intake must be significant enough not only to sustain homeostasis but also to build new muscle. Cardiovascular exercise (cardio) burns calories, which is where the idea that cardio kills gains comes from. Because cardio may prevent you from reaching caloric surplus, many people have the idea that cardio will prevent you from building muscle and reduce current muscle mass.

The claims that cardio reduce muscle mass are often scientifically unfounded and are factually incorrect. Many supplement companies will also push the agenda that cardio reduces muscle mass in order to increase protein sales. It is unwise to follow tv guides and nutritional gossip as it is often untrue.

How May Cardio ‘Kill’ Muscle Gains

As stated previously, to develop muscle gains you need to be in caloric surplus. By doing excessive cardio exercise, you are using much of your caloric intake on cardio instead of muscle development. If you do not eat enough then you are likely to show slow gains or none at all. By doing cardio exercises, it may interrupt your muscle development after weight lifting. This means that you may find yourself too stiff or fatigued to lift weights if you have done a considerable amount of cardio. Many gym-goers complete 3-5 weight lifting sessions per week for maximum muscle growth. By doing cardio, you may not be able to complete these sessions and suffer from slow muscle development.

Ways To Prevent Cardio From Limiting Muscle Development

It is important to maintain good cardiovascular health as you grow older in order to reduce the chance of illnesses such as heart disease. If you prioritize muscle growth but still do cardio exercises then follow these tips in order to maintain muscle development along with cardiovascular health.

First, increase your caloric intake once you carry out cardio. This will ensure that despite the extra calories being burnt, you are making up for it by consuming more.

To avoid injury whilst doing cardio and weight lifting, ensure that you have a scheduled warmup and warm-down routine to reduce the likeliness of you becoming injured. This cool down period will reduce the lactic acid in your body and make it easier for you to lift weights afterwards. Upper and lower body stretches will help warm your muscles and joints to prevent injury. Once injured, you will not be able to lift weights efficiently, which may genuinely decrease muscle mass. Your weight sessions should come before your cardio sessions, as they will be developing muscle. If you cannot fit in a warmup or warm-down session, then decrease the length of time you are doing cardio for but increase the intensity.

Supplements For Cardio and Weight Lifting

A pre-workout supplement will ensure that you have enough energy to carry out cardiovascular exercises along with weight lifting and muscle developing exercises. ‘Ultimate Core’ pre-workout supplement by Exxtreme Labs is the most advanced sports supplement for energy. It is developed using the highest quality of ingredients that have been enhanced on a cellular level. All organic and clinically tested. Experts and elite athletes use Exxtreme Labs for their sporting needs. ‘Ultimate Core Bulk Edition’, is designed for individuals trying to increase muscle mass whilst maintaining good cardiovascular health.

To conclude, cardio can undoubtedly limit your gains, but this is due to lack of caloric intake or lifting too light weights. If your metabolism is fast, then you will be burning off calories as fast as you consume them, leaving none to be turned into muscle. The solution for this is to increase the volume of food and protein that you are digesting. Follow a dietary plan to ensure you stay on track and make significant weight gain.

Cardio should not be avoided if you enjoy it or suffer from being over-weight. As long as you are mobile, consume significant calories and nutrition, then cardio will not kill you gains. In order to find success with sports, you must enjoy doing them otherwise it will become a chore. When you are bulking to increase your muscle development, do not begin doing high intensity training as calories will be burnt here instead of on muscle growth. Exxtreme Labs recommends doing one cardio session per week and two if you are trying to achieve weight-loss related goals.