When researching anything related to weight loss, you will find dozens of guides, products, research papers and workout videos. The sheer amount of information surrounding weight loss makes it a daunting task to approach. Breaking down your workout regime into bitesize chunks makes it much easier to track your progress and minimize your workout time. You can start by splitting your workout into three main parts, cardio, strength training and yoga. Your body type and goals will have a huge part to play in what your workout should consist of. In this guide, we will be looking at what the best style of workout is depending on your weight loss goal.

Between social media posts and viral websites, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying fad diets and insane workout routines. These workout plans and wacky diets only serve a short-term purpose and shouldn’t be relied on to reach your optimum physique. If you are serious about reaching your long-term goals, then it is important that you follow a sustainable diet and workout regime. Consistency is what will help you keep the weight off.

Workout Styles For Weight Loss

types of workout
types of workout

The workout styles that we are looking at are:

#1. CrossFit Workouts

The CrossFit program is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It is one of the more popular workout styles for weight loss. It is an intense program that requires strict discipline and motivation. The CrossFit program is promoted in over 7,000 gyms worldwide. Every CrossFit gym allows people to train on their own or in a group. These are military-style exercises than burn fat quickly. If you are a workout-beginner then maybe you should start on a more simple program before engaging with the CrossFit style.

The workouts are short and require explosive movements. You can try some of the CrossFit exercises on their website before going to the gym and trying the program.

#2. Resistance Training

Resistance training includes any exercise that will causes your muscles to contract against a resistant object. Resistance can come in the form of resistance bands, dumbbells, bodyweight or any other resistant object.

There are many forms of resistance training ranging from gym machines to weightlifting. You should utilize resistance training in your workout to maximize weight loss.

Resistance training does not burn as many calories as a cardio workout, but it can improve your muscle tone and composition of your body. When you lose weight, you don’t want to lose everything. You are aiming to burn fat whilst retaining your muscle mass. When losing weight, it is important to maintain muscle mass by doing resistance training. Your weight loss journey can be a long task, with the scale being the bane of your existence. This shouldn’t be the case. Don’t let your success be dictated by the digits on the scale, but instead look at your visual progress over the time that you are following your workout regime. These are our favorite exercises when doing resistance training. Chest presses, squat thrusts, lunges, step-ups and straight leg raises.

#3. High-Intensity Training

High intensity workouts typically involve a mixture of high-intensity and low-intensity exercises, with a 15 second rest period. Short bursts of high-intensity exercise are great for burning weight fast and improving blood-flow across the body.

Not only do you burn fat during the workout, but you also burn fat after the workout. This is due to something called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Meaning that there is an elevated metabolism in the post-workout.

Our recommended HIIT exercises are kettlebell cardio, tire flips, sled pushes, plyometric exercises and circuit training. If you are doing high-intensity interval training well, then you shouldn’t be able to talk whilst doing it. If you feel like you can talk or check your phone whilst training, then increase the intensity.

#4. Low-Intensity Workout

A low intensity workout can be any form of cardio where you maintain the same pace for an extended period of time. High-intensity workouts are more effective at burning weight than low-intensity workouts. However, if you do high-intensity workouts everyday, then you will find yourself injured or burnt out. We suggest having a day’s break in-between intensity workouts. In the day that you are not doing strenuous exercise, engage in a low-intensity workout.

Our favorite low-intensity exercises are jogging, swimming, cycling, hiking and a power walking.

Supplements For Weight Loss

If you are finding it difficult to shed weight despite following a strict regime then we recommend trying a fat burner style product. Many fat burner products have little to no impact on the body, so stay away from untested products. If you are serious about weight loss, then turn to the ‘Summer Body Fat Burner Capsules‘ by Exxtreme Labs.