Protein supplements are becoming more popular than ever, with people using readymade drinks and shakes more commonly. With the protein industry growing at such a rapid rate, there is an increase in ineffective supplements and harmful ingredients being used. It is essential that when choosing a supplement, you pick one with natural and safe ingredients that are effective but produce no harmful side effects.

What Is A Pre-Workout Supplement?

what's a pre-workout
what’s a pre-workout

A pre-workout formula or supplement usually comes in the form of a pill, powder or snack bar that you consume 30-minutes before exercising. The ingredients in the pre-workout should stimulate your body enough to improve physical performance. The main benefits of taking a pre-workout supplement are to increase energy levels and reducing the feeling of fatigue. This means that once you take a pre-workout, you should be able to have a more fulfilling and full workout. These supplements are designed to work for anaerobic training like weightlifting and aerobic training like cycling and running.

However, pre-workout supplements are not all plain sailing and better performance. For athletes, a pre-workout may be needed to improve a workout. But for most people who just workout casually, a balanced diet and sufficient sleep will be enough for an intense workout. Although, some supplements are designed for casual gym-goers and athletes alike.

Should Young Women Use A Pre-Workout?

Many nutritional guides express concern over the quality of pre-workout supplements and are skeptical of their effectiveness. Most pre-workout supplements are made using a mixture of caffeine, protein and some other amino acids and carbs. If you are an avid gym-goer, runner, cyclist or swimmer, then one of these formulas will certainly increase the benefit that you get out of exercising. Although, if you are only working out once a week for 30 minutes at a mild to low intensity, then a pre-workout supplement may not be for you. If consumed past 6pm, then the energy boost that you feel is likely to keep you awake during the night, unless you workout intensely enough to burn this surplus of energy. This is why it is important to workout intensely if you are thinking of using a pre-workout. Although, there are stimulant-free pre-workouts that do not contain caffeine.

There are times when it is difficult to fit in a workout around work times and even when you manage to fit it in your schedule, you are too tired to make the most out of your training. Many women wonder if its ok to use a pre-workout supplement in order to increase energy, or if these formulas were only designed for men. Many female athletes and bodybuilders use pre-workout supplements and recommend them to anyone interested in improving their exercise routine. Many pre-workout supplements also promote nitric oxide production, this reduces lactic acid buildup. In short, this allows you to have a higher level of endurance, so fatigue sets in much later. This means you can get the most out of a workout.

Pre-workout supplements work exactly the same on men as they do on women. The fundamental properties of increasing energy, boosting endurance and stamina is the same on each person that consumes these formulas. The benefits of a pre-workout supplement for younger women are weight loss, enhanced metabolism, increased focus, energy boost and faster recovery time.

For Older Women

Many supplements that you see will include a warning for a specific age demographic. Most energy drinks and supplements are designed to be used by younger people. Whereas much of the joint-support and multivitamins are marketed towards older people. When looking at supplements, there are two ways to asses age, biological age and chronological age. With chronological age, this is the standard way of measuring age from birth. However, biological age looks at the overall physical health of a person, with weight, skin and hair quality, energy levels all associated with biological age. Biological age is the connection between your chronological and physical age. This is the most accurate way to decide what effect a supplement will have on a persons body. For example, for supplements aimed at older people, the effects will usually have restorative properties. This includes repairing damaged tissue etc. These supplements would have little to no effects if taken by a person with no tissue damage (a younger person).

Pre-workout supplements are high-intensity and have a strong impact on the cardiovascular system due to the high amount of caffeine in the formula. For older people with heart-related problems, this can cause blood pressure to increase to dangerous levels. For the exercise that is being carried out by older women, the level of intensity may not require a pre-workout supplement. For jogging or a light workout, then a pre-workout supplement may cause unwanted side effects when they are not necessary. However, if you are an avid gym-goer, then a pre-workout supplement may be a suitable choice of supplement. As stated throughout this article, there are a selection of stim-free pre-workout supplements on the market that can still elevate a workout without the caffeine rush and crash.

The benefits of a pre-workout for older women is that it can increase recovery time due to the amino acids in the formula. As with anyone who takes a pre-workout, you will experience a level of heightened energy and motivation, which is beneficial to everyone – regardless of their age or gender. Muscle performance will also increase once you’ve taken a pre-workout supplement. This is why athletes take pre-workout’s in order to boost their overall sporting performance.

Dangers Of a Pre-Workout

Many of the pre-workout supplements that you see online and in stores are branded to the max, with many of the claims that you see having no basis at all. A large majority of the pre-workout supplements that you will come across only boost energy, which is something that a simple chocolate bar could do. The energy that these supplements bring comes due to the excessive use of caffeine anhydrous. This caffeine is commonly overused in pre-workouts, which brings many harmful side effects and unwanted health problems in the future. After consuming a high volume of caffeine, your body is overloaded with stimulants and once the workout is finished, you are likely to experience a crash. Overdosing caffeine also causes nausea, vomiting and sleeplessness. For many people, even a small dose of caffeine can cause jitters and headaches. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then try a stim-free pre-workout supplement instead.

If you work a 9-5 job in the week and only have time to exercise after work, then a pre-workout may keep you awake longer than you intend. It’s wise to avoid using a strong pre-workout past 6pm if you are having a medium-intensity workout. Everyone metabolism breaks down caffeine at different rates, so your sleep may not be impacted by taking a pre-workout past 8pm. If you feel the effects of caffeine, then we suggest using half a serving of pre-workout instead of a whole serving. You can also add more water to counter-act the effects of the pre-workout supplement.

Some pre-workout’s include a blend of amino acids, this can cause dehydration. This is because some is the ingredients absorb water, which is designed to help with weight loss. To combat against this dehydration, make sure you drink water even when you are not thirsty. This dehydration can lead to headaches as the water that circulated the brain becomes thinner.

What’s In a Female Pre-Workout?

Pre-workout supplements are created with the exact same ingredients that male pre-workout’s are. There are no female-specific pre-workout supplements on the market. All pre-workout formulas have a similar ingredient profile. Here are the ingredients that you are likely to find in a standard pre-workout supplement. With pre-workout supplements, the more advanced and complex ingredients are not always the best. It is better to focus on basic ingredients that are dosed correctly, as these will always be effective. We suggest doing in-depth research about what you are consuming when it comes to pre-workout supplements as many are not regulated for safety. Artificial sweeteners are commonly used alongside with artificial flavoring. You can usually try a sachet of a supplement before buying in bulk, for some of the supplements with high levels of caffeine, this may be a wise thing to do.

BCAAs: Branched Chain Amino Acids are likely to be included in whatever pre-workout you are taking. Studies have show that these amino acids are linked to a reduction in fatigue and improved performance. They are seen as the building blocks of tissue and help you recover from muscle damage and breakdown.

Creatine: Pre-workouts often contain creatine, but unless you consume it multiple times throughout the week, it will make no difference to you. Here at Exxtreme Labs, we do not use creatine in some of our pre-workouts as the uptake of creatine is limited due to the caffeine found in the formula. Although, the caffeine-free pre-workouts do contain creatine.

Beta-alanine: This is one of the most common non-essential amino acids that is linked with improved endurance and overall body health. Beta-alanine increases carosine levels, which causes your muscles to reduce lactic acid levels during an exercise, this will reduce fatigue.

Caffeine: It goes without saying that caffeine is the most heavily used ingredient in pre-workout supplements. It is used to elevate energy levels and also increases focus, brings faster reaction time and boosts alertness. Pre-workouts have around 100-300 milligrams of caffeine, which is like taking three cups of regular coffee. For older people, this is incredibly high and can lead to some health risks. At Exxtreme Labs, we use a clinically tested dose of caffeine that is designed to increase energy levels to their maximum without giving you a crash afterwards. By using a smaller dose of caffine, you can train longer and harder without feeling nauseous after.

L-Citrulline: If you are looking to increase your weight load, then L-citrulline is the ingredient in pre-workouts that will help you get ready for this extra weight. This ingredient also promotes the production of nitric oxide, which as stated earlier is great for reducing fatigue.

Glutamine: This is an essential amino acid that is made in the body during times of stress. Glutamine is used in the body for building muscle and enhances muscle mass and performance.

Here at Exxtreme Labs, we design all of our pre-workout supplements with safety and effectiveness in mind. Unlike most other supplement brands, we clinically dose all of our ingredients, to ensure that you experience no side effects once consumed the formula. We offer stim-free and lean editions, but our flagship product is the ‘Ultimate Core Bulk Pre-workout‘ which is designed to boost your energy and make it easier for your body to build muscle mass. We source all of our ingredients from farms in the United Kingdom and United States. These farms produce the highest quality of ingredients in the industry and are non-GMO, free from artificial flavoring and coloring. Our pre-workouts are suitable for people aged 18 plus. If you have cardiovascular-related problems, then consult with a doctor before consuming any supplement with caffeine as a main ingredient. The ingredients in supplements can sometimes interfere with the chemicals in prescription medication also. At Exxtreme Labs, we work with scientists around the world in order to perfect our formulas and improve their effect on people.


To conclude, if your diet is not including the necessary minerals, vitamins, protein and carbohydrates, then a pre-workout is not a substitute. A pre-workout supplement is designed for someone who has perfected their nutritional intake and sleeping pattern, but wants to enhance their performance even further. It does not matter if you are a casual gym-goer or elite athlete, you will likely find great use out of a pre-workout supplement, but the product that you consume should be well-researched beforehand. Avoid purchasing pre-workout and other protein supplements from abroad as the ingredients are often unchecked and untested. Not to mention, the factories which produce pre-workouts abroad have been linked to tainted supplements. There are many UK and USA-based supplement companies which can be trusted.